Feeding of the Soul vs. Soul-starvation

Sometimes there are triggers from the abuse, such as safety issues, sometimes totally unfounded consciously, but something triggers that fear of insecurity and lack of safety. And off we go into the Lost in Space Robot out of whack mode, “warning, danger, mind going out of control, need assistance please”. A sure sign the soul is starving for love. This is a sign of soul-starvation; the loneliness, the isolation, the depression, the addictions, the stuffing of the food into the mouth, or starving oneself, all signs of starvation of the soul. The soul is yearning to be fed, through art, dance, music, exercise, yoga, nature, prayer, meditation, whatever works to get one in touch with the soul and heart. Then the mind and the ego and the victim energy looses power. When we feed the soul vs. starving the soul, then we can step into self-empowerment.

Creativity zappers – discontent,…

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