Women’s Soulshop, Monday, April 4th, 2011 7pm-8:30 pm

Introductory Women’s Soulshop for Sexual Abuse Recovery. Monday, April 4, 2011, 7pm-8:30 pm. It’s all about the love within. For women 18 yrs.+ recovering from sexual abuse, significant others, family members, healing practitioners, mental health and medical professionals. Experience the state of well-being; freedom from the victim state of being to Self-love.  This soulshop is about experiencing your inner heart, soul, and spirit. It is not re-telling your story. None of that. It is about remembering who you are; a divine being in a human body. Come and be. Totally sacred and confidential. This is your very own precious journey. Affirmative prayer, guided imagery meditation, self-forgiveness, singing bowl and sound healing, with angelic accompaniment and divine grace. $15. Call (919) 610-6933 to register or for additional information. Private sessions available. Also registration at: http://www.womensgracefulhealing.com under. Location: Health Touch NC, LLC, 3500 Westgate Drive, Suite 504, Durham, NC, 27707.

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