About Me

As an ordained non-denominational minister, I welcome ALL women/teens 18+ who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma. As a recoverer, I have taken full responsibility and make a daily choice to live from my heart. This is a lifelong sacred journey inward. I Am a spiritual warrior, minister, guide, speaker, writer, women’s advocate, educator and light energy worker, with a background as a psychiatric social worker, and extensive business experience as a project manager, trainer, facilitator and technical writer with Fortune 500 companies.

My style and approach is compassionate, supportive, wise, heart-centered, gentle and direct. I am strong, resilient, insightful, highly intuitive and love connecting heart to heart experiencing ultimate LOVE. Blessings to you all.

Women’s Graceful Healing Ministry came about after I survived a major car crash and wondering why I survived.  While having a “float” in the ocean and posing the following question to God, “why did you spare my life?”,  I received the following message – “Become a non-denominational minister for women who have been sexually abused, love and accept them, guide them, be an advocate, start the ministry (and this is not your traditional ministry)  and Finish the Book for all those who are holding bated breathe and waiting to read and feel (more on that later and elsewhere!). So I became a non-denominational minister, donned that hat, added it to my education (MSW/Women’s Studies and Psychiatry), my decades of spiritual practice on my sacred and freeing path, and walking the talk. No story-telling. No trauma. No reliving. This ministry and I are about re-sourcing. Re-directing energy. Re-membering who we are. Taking that dive into the sacred heart within to experience love. Bottom line. Love. Self-love. Inside out journey.

By “ministry” I mean – unconditional love of Self and non-judgement.  No invasiveness. We have been there, done that. Totally safe, sacred, and confidential. Serving women 18 years + who have experienced sexual abuse in any form, and that covers physical, mental/emotional and vibrational violence that all has to do with being sexually violated. Causing confusion, victimization which manifests in many ways, and no women, regardless of age, social status, race, creed or religion/atheist is spared. This ministry is grace-filled. Meaning, while I may guide, facilitate, speak, or write, Grace is my partner. Always has been, always will be, and that grace is shared with you and is also within you.