• Ministerial Heart/Soul Focused Spiritual Guidance
    Individual Session/s. Clients have the opportunity to choose to experience inner shifts validating who they truly are; whole, holy, sacred, powerful, victorious and beautiful. This work is for those who are ready, willing and able to dive deep into their hearts/souls effecting powerful, and sometimes subtle change into women’s lives. Sessions are 1 -1/2 hours. Please contact Christina.
  • Soulshops
    group workshops which incorporate guided imagery meditations, affirmative prayer, sound healing, singing bowl, forgiveness work, intuition, energy work, archangel presence and divine grace-filled guidance and to be present to your Higher Self, giving your Soul permission to experience your Inner Love.  See Events page.
  • Keynote Speaker
    bringing awareness of sexual abuse symptoms, education and consultation to professionals. To make a contribution toward decreasing the taboo of sexual abuse and inspire and uplift others.
  • Women’s Advocacy
    representing women who need advocacy and being the spoken voice for women without a voice.
  • Writing
    marketing and communications in form of articles and books.

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